Our goal is to provide high end alternative housing solutions at affordable rates while increasing your quality of lifestyle. From the moment you set foot inside one of our homes you will see and feel the difference in quality and craftsmanship. Our design provides our customers with a fully functional housing system that maximizes the overall efficiency of your space; ultimately reducing your cost of living.

High End
Quality Lifestyle


The idea of living in a unique space is appealing to everyone but, being connected to the environment was just as important as the overall design. Waking up in an atmosphere that makes you feel good from the moment you get up and being grounded in nature is appealing to eveyone and truly a life worth pursuing.

Whether you live for the open road to explore the outdoors or looking for a unique living space to park on your property, we can create the perfect solution for you!


The concept of Alternative Lifestyles was developed from the love of design and sustainability.

We are dedicated to building unique spaces with the concept of quality living . Each design is created with the homeowner in mind and tailored to the individual owner.


Our interests in nature first led to learning about living more conscientiously and how to create less impact on the environment. Concepts like earthships and treehouses made us more aware about how to approach living more harmoniously with nature. This would play a big part into how we designed our initial concept.
After thouroughly considering what our intention should be, we began to realize the final vision of the end goal. We felt our design should bring an ease of use, efficiency of space and energy and overall comfort no matter where you decide to take it.


Being in a tiny home doesn’t need to feel tiny and our signature designs were created with space in mind. High ceilings and an open concept living space give our models an exspasive feeling as you step inside. As you begin to explore inside you will feel the character and charm and immediately start to feel right at home.
Each home is designed to give the maximum use out of your space. The open concept allows for natural airflow, efficient use of energy when heating or cooling, and easy maintenance and cleaning. This allows you to maximize your time to do the things you desire in life and keep your overall energy expenses much lower than a standard home.


We still currently have limited spots available for 2021. Place your order today and we will help you design and create your own alternative lifestlye!

24′ Model$135 000
32′ Model$180 000
40′ Model$200 000
*Prices are approximate depending on specific finishes.
– No External Plumbing– Double Farm Sink
– Built-in Storage– Set-up as a 30amp Plug-in
– Sleeps Six (6) with Pullout– 32ft Tri-axel Tiny Home Trailer
– Low Slope Steel Roof– All Windows are Tempered / Argon Filled
– Electric Heat and A/C– 50gal Water Tank (Off Grid)
– Propane Hot Water on Demand– LED Lighting – USB Plugs
– Incinerating Toilet (Elec. or Propane)– Generator Panel 60 Amp (Solar Hookup)
– Propane 3-Burner Stove/Oven– Wood Construction
– 2×4 Wood Walls (R-14)– 2×6 Wood Roofing (R-22)
Batt Insulation Over-spray Foam– 13’6 High (max) | 8’6 Wide (max)
– 2x Lofts (9×8)– Built in Table/Pantry
– Double French Doors– Energy Efficient Appliances
– Propane or Electric Hookups for
Not Just affordable housing – Sustainable Affordable Housing

All custom builds are made to order and require a deposit:

  • 30% Before start of construction,
  • 40% Upon completion of shell,
    • (exterior frame/Typar/windows & doors/roof completion),
  • 30% Upon Completion of home.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!